Sep 5, 2010

may the odds be EVER in your favour ! (first blogpost by Harry~)

the girls at youth gave joyseet the first two books of this trilogy as her birthday present~
(thanks ethel wendy eileen grace qian yu etc~~~)
She got them before her finals,
so I saw her gritting her teeth and wait for her finals to be over before she can start reading them.

now its 14 days into sem break, and i've curi curi read them before she did ~~

The Hunger Games trilogy was part of a 10 must-read books recommended by the book review columnist Daphne at The Star. Although the stuff she recommends were mostly for teens or kids, but sometimes i like the stuff she writes heheh.
i was hoping Joyseet would buy em',
but now luckily those girls had the sense to give her books as presents teehee~
she loves em' all the more cause its a present~

(forgive my rambling cause this is my first time blogging!)

*applause for harry*

so...back to the topic....about this trilogy:

a dictatorial government rises after rebellion war to dominate a nation called Panem.
This government is cruel and heartless.
To remind the people not to rebel again, a game called The Hunger Games is held every year.
Every year, one boy and one girl will be chosen out of each of the 12 districts and forced to fight to death. The last survivor is the winner. Its a televised event, much like those reality shows joyseet watches so much (==), but the difference is to kill.
If you win, you get a life of luxury and escape the poverty. Participants are styled and paraded to attract sponsors who will pay for their training or food. The games are different every year, with special 'arenas' such as tropical jungles, deserts, beautiful meadows with poison camouflaged in every corner... They are forced to use their wits and strategies to win.
Sometimes the Gamemakers send in disgusting weapons such as man-eating monkeys, vicious fires, etc...(luckily the author had the sense to omit poison porcupines)
Citizens who live in the rich capital eagerly watch this for entertainment, but others in the districts watch helplessly as their children fight to death.

When i first read about it in Daphne's review, joyseet being the scaredy cat that she was,
was rather reluctant to read about 'torture', 'gore' and 'violence'....
but since this trilogy was a present, the decision choice was already made for her...
for me,
luckily its not VERY gross lah...
If I can read through those stuff, i bet anyone else can~
(but keep in mind that i'm a strong and cool porcupine, not some cowardly human)

I'd highly recommend this trilogy,just because its cool, fast-paced, and exciting.

i finished the first two books in 2 days,
and was wondering when she'd buy...
then luckily joyseet rushed to buy the third(and last) installment of the trilogy--the mockingjay.
although it cost her rm42.90, but never mind lah, cause she couldn't stand the suspense heheh...

the language is rather easy (so those who want to improve their english by reading books, i would recommend this~ ), the setting is cool ( those arenas and districts are !!! ) , the action is packed (new stuff happening every chapter)

so i'd give this series 3.5 stars~
the remaining stars were taken off because i think that this book is too thin,
and the plot rushes itself at some points.
for example, in the Eragon series, the author took sufficient time to explain and describe the rebel's uprising so that the reader could fully appreciate the magnitude of the situation.
However, in The Hunger Games, the author seemed to worry that readers would get bored and then proceeds to explain and cram the crucial stuff in one paragraph.


i admit, i was rather disappointed by this.
I like to be blown away by the plot, to be in awe of the story.
At crucial parts of the story, it gets slightly confusing and spoils my experience.


Suzanne Collins, you can do better !

but being harry, i'm just being picky~

go on, read this for your holidays
get a break from your usual facebooking and sleeping !!

(the stupid things that humans usually do... *shakes head*)

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