Sep 20, 2010

and now we say goodbye

finally, margaret tan has finally found time in her appointment book for us civillians.
on a precious sunday which is the 12th of september 2010,
we had our last date where all four freeks were together before going out to spread freekiness~

as usual we took a lotta pics...
shinyi finally became a 'good friend' and came to kota kemuning to be my driver~ wheeee~

margaret was late when we reached her house so the 'date' was even shorter =[
but her 'lateness' caused us to make a detour to


heh heh...where our efforts were rewarded...we went there expecting to waste time and maybe lepak...but so unexpectedly~
who knew that there was a durian puff store in there????
i think tan shin yi's durian puff radar led us there...honestly, i've never noticed it all this time...
(shinyi's sez her job is to hunt down durian puff all over malaysia)

loooook at that creamy custardy durian bursting out !!
this style of puff is more like those malaccan stuff, not that pancakey thing i bought shinyi last time...according to shinyi, those at malacca were hotter and crispier......
but this tastes grrreat all the same~~~~

posing with this amayzing find of the day... raven transformed into durian puff...

did anyone ever heard about hailam kopitiam's famous wholemeal paus?
at least, i think it's famous in sungei wang's branch....
raven mona lee couldn't resist to try out one at shah alam's branch..but she did not have any small change with her,
( she paid with rm50)
and then the kopitiam did not have enough change for her...(!)(its rm1 per pau)
how lame is that?
anyway, all those shop supervisors and waiters and waitresses were shaking their heads and saying stuff like 'duit terlalu besar lah'....
when it seemed as though all hope was lost....



the indian guy who was reponsible for wrapping up the pau stepped in and saved the day ~!

he decided to pay for it, and so raven mona lee xiao hui got a
free pau....==

and you know what's the funniest thing about this story?

raven said:'i've always thought that he looked cute. who knows, maybe i will come back and work here, then we will get a chance to get to know each other further.'

the girl who sold her soul for a rm1 wholemeal pau.

ok so after picking margarita tan up, the date officially started with those gorgeous chocolates she bought from japan~ we had a chocolate fest in the car (no crumbs!)

pasta zanmai~

argh this gorgeous salmon pasta ordered by shinyi where the salmon melts in your mouth...and my disgusting soft shell crab pasta...i think its too oily and huge a portion for me...should have gotten a salad or something...


margaret and raven...i think i missed the time when both of them sat together in class. me and shinyi would sit in front of them and sounds of their 'bombing' would always float by our ears.
the random stuff they would use to bomb each other was so weirdly random that i would always laugh in disbelief......hahahhaaaaaa........(lost in nostalgia)

anways, loadss of window shopping later~
our stomachs were empty again and ready for a second round...heheh

delicious~~ hahahaa actually i think this restaurant's name is rather weird....
for example, delicious serves 'delicious food'!
then their mineral water was called 'delicious water'!
and the crew called themselves the 'delicious team'!
honestly, this is the same as naming your daughter 美丽,
so people will call you 美丽的妈妈.
haha, narcissism at its best

hugging the pillows at delicious which might be not entirely hygienic but whatever...on the top is me & raven who will be staying back at malaysia and on the bottom are those who will be leaving :< src="" style="cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 120px;" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5516987282149250082" border="0">

on our way back..

it was twilight at the moment and we were all in the car together...eating leftover chocolates and softly singing along to 'wake me up when september ends' on the car radio....

it was a moment that i'll remember forever.

bye guys. come back soon.

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