Sep 13, 2010

do you know what you're looking at? look again.

i just read thevigilantcitizen's website.

he's a guy who studied symbols and the meanings behind them etc.
symbolism is not common knowledge, which is probably why the davinci code was a hit because dan brown explained all those symbols to us commoners and we lapped it all up, feeling intellectually fuller.

this vigilant citizen was a guy, something like robert langdon who knows his symbols.
symbols from cults or satanic stuff, he's well-versed in them.
so, the thing is, why am i writing about this website?

his website reminded me of one thing:

most of us are idiots who lap up what the entertainment industry gives us without a second thought.

maybe this is the first or second time you guys have heard about Lady Gaga being 'bad for you'.

but how bad? this website gives us a clearer picture.

everyday, when we are sharing lady gaga's mvs or images on facebook or handphones, exclaiming how cool is it, how special it looks, how catchy her songs were, how creative she is....

did we ever stop to think about the meanings behind it?

i think any person with half a brain will know that in designing a logo or a brand name, we need to think about the values or meaning that we want to represent.

as lady gaga herself said, 'there is meaning behind everything i do.'

to my surprise, there are people who don't know what 'gaga' means.

'gaga': means dumb, stupid, empty headed, crazy...

and have you ever stopped to wonder what those goat heads on her head, or the symbols she makes with her hands mean?

nothing is meaningless. do not dismiss weirdness as meaningless.

far from it.

whatever that is seemingly pointless, has a dangerous hidden meaning behind it.

people, i implore you to read this website and reach your own conclusions.
please, at least be aware of what you're exposed to, what you admire, and what you believe in.

don't be dumb and ignore the obvious signs that are staring at you in the eye.

wake up, people.

don't swallow the crap they serve you.

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