Sep 30, 2010

dang !

up in the air wasn't a funny movie !

first of all you should know that i'm choosy.

i love books and i love movies,

but the only time i spend hard-earned cash to purchase a book or buy a movie ticket,

is when i felt that book is worth collecting,

and that movie has special effects that has to be seen in a cinema to fully get the experience.

and what happens to those that i don't think worth it?


i do cheapskate stuff such as sitting in bookstores to finish that book
(since i can finish a 300++ page in one hour)

usually those books are chick lit.

they're entertaining, they're fluffy, they're funny, they're not worth the price.


to risk sounding cliche,

they do offer 'an escape'.

but whatever.

the only times i do these stuff are when i'm in a bad mood and i need cheering up,

i sit there and read.


i'm not going to tell you where i got my 'cheap' source of movies but it sure ain't pirated,

but i got this whole cache of 'happy' movies waiting for my 'bad mood' days.

they do cheer me up, such as 'legally blonde' and '17 again'...

fluffy, but i seriously feel better.

(other ways of feeling better include eating ice-cream, sleeping, shopping, blogging...the possibilities are endless............but movies are a good way when you don't feel like doing anything physically haha)


i very happily clicked on 'up in the air' by Jason Reitman of Juno fame, starring George Clooney and Vera Farmiga.

i was expecting 'fun'. that poster fooled me.


should have done research.

it's not a fluffy movie.

it's a sad movie which makes you think and it offers some controversial stuff which i have no energy to contemplate.

and thanks to it,

my mood is unimproved.


(i'm not saying up in the air is a bad movie, george clooney is hot, the storyline is unpredictable, the theme is unique, i would have loved it any other day, but it didn't help me the way i wanted)

(hurt me to type this cause my thumb was sprained during volleyball practice.)

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