Sep 30, 2010

dang !

up in the air wasn't a funny movie !

first of all you should know that i'm choosy.

i love books and i love movies,

but the only time i spend hard-earned cash to purchase a book or buy a movie ticket,

is when i felt that book is worth collecting,

and that movie has special effects that has to be seen in a cinema to fully get the experience.

and what happens to those that i don't think worth it?


i do cheapskate stuff such as sitting in bookstores to finish that book
(since i can finish a 300++ page in one hour)

usually those books are chick lit.

they're entertaining, they're fluffy, they're funny, they're not worth the price.


to risk sounding cliche,

they do offer 'an escape'.

but whatever.

the only times i do these stuff are when i'm in a bad mood and i need cheering up,

i sit there and read.


i'm not going to tell you where i got my 'cheap' source of movies but it sure ain't pirated,

but i got this whole cache of 'happy' movies waiting for my 'bad mood' days.

they do cheer me up, such as 'legally blonde' and '17 again'...

fluffy, but i seriously feel better.

(other ways of feeling better include eating ice-cream, sleeping, shopping, blogging...the possibilities are endless............but movies are a good way when you don't feel like doing anything physically haha)


i very happily clicked on 'up in the air' by Jason Reitman of Juno fame, starring George Clooney and Vera Farmiga.

i was expecting 'fun'. that poster fooled me.


should have done research.

it's not a fluffy movie.

it's a sad movie which makes you think and it offers some controversial stuff which i have no energy to contemplate.

and thanks to it,

my mood is unimproved.


(i'm not saying up in the air is a bad movie, george clooney is hot, the storyline is unpredictable, the theme is unique, i would have loved it any other day, but it didn't help me the way i wanted)

(hurt me to type this cause my thumb was sprained during volleyball practice.)

Sep 27, 2010

my version of maslow's hierarchy of needs

ladies and gentlemen, today, i re-introduce to you, maslow's hierarchy of needs.
this colorful pyramid is basically about the needs that human beings have to fulfill in order to achieve the highest order of fulfillment -- the self actualization.

anyway, this had been lingering in my mind for some time, applying it subconsciously to most things i meet in my life, trying to see what level i had achieved....

but now, i believe i had achieved the highest order~!

rather than striving for self actualization pointlessly, i decided to 'think out of the box',


inspiration struck!

i came to the conclusion that the original version is too complicated,
and thus came up with my own.

(disclaimer: this hierarchy of needs applies to me and me only)


joyce's hierarchy of needs

my physiological needs include crab, sushi, har gow (prawn dumpling), and beef~ these stuff are not chosen randomly, they are my sustenance.

in conclusion, after i achieved physiological fulfillment through these, i shall feel safe, loved, confident, and totally in self-actualization mode.

woweee, isn't that great? without physiological fulfillment, i am unable to start working on my assignment.

so, now it's time to search for that elusive dimsum. let's hope that the guy is selling them tonight.

*staggers off in hunger*

p.s: do you think my heirarchy can be applied to most Malaysians?

Sep 26, 2010

to tell you the truth ?

confession number one:

i have 39 friend requests on my facebook right now.

first and foremost i know there might be people who have more friend requests than me or might think i'm showing off or whatever just ignore my insecure ramblings.

but the thing is.

i don't like unfinished stuff nagging at me. with that red number indicating how many people requesting.

and that's not all.

complaint 1:

those people might have 195 mutual friends with me but i still have no idea who they are.

complaint 2:

those people start protecting their privacy or put random useless profile pics of cartoon characters or 'artistic' shots that give me no idea of who they are. but still persist on adding me.

complaint 3:

if you're named joyce koh, then please put joyce koh as your name.
don't put weird names like 'weird guy123' or 'miko kawaii' don't kid me you're not japanese.

getting increasingly irritated by facebook.
sorry if i haven't approved or ignored you in the past.
i have seriously no idea who you are or i haven't gotten the time to start wracking my brains to do detective work to figure these mysteries out.

this is not a pointless rant.

the reason i had a facebook account in the first place is because i disliked friendster with its phony race to see who has the more friends.

come on, having 3 or 4 full accounts means what? you're really that popular in real life?

anyhow, the other thing about facebook is,
there too many personal private stuff people throw on it.
it made me worry sometimes.

for example,

'hi my new handphone number is 019-3567878'.
duh. go write your number on public toilets lah. its the same thing.

'hey girls let's meet at pyramid sushi king on 28 jan 12:30pm.'
duh. any rapist would be there waiting for you.

'facebooking during work hahaha'
duh. see if your boss is on facebook too.

real-life case:
'facebooked for an hour at class haha'
the discipline teacher signed in facebook at that exact time. so who's laughing now?

honestly, i'm speechless at those nonsense people do sometimes.

don't you have any common sense?

do you know computer technicians or any hacker can retrieve everything(i mean everything. every status, every comment, every photo) you've ever done on facebook in an hour?

there goes your chance at a good paying job in that huge company. you think you're the only person that facebooks? those HR people do too.

come on people. be smart.

know where the line is.

and for those who think that they have 2,000 friends, don't kid yourself.

you're just being ignorant.

do the maths. in every 1,000, there might be 1 hacker.

the odds are there.

so please filter who are your friends and stop adding strangers left and right.

it's irritating.


(okay no offense here just ranting about this weird tool in our lives that's almost inseparable)

Sep 22, 2010








今晚去新开张的sushi king吃后(sushiking 人手不足,service慢到),









一大班友提着灯笼 冲过来唱着生日歌,





气氛很不错,还有一些友族一起庆祝,真的很one malaysia 啊~


she shoots! she scores !

hahaha good news to share here~
i just got my first semester results today:


GPA 4.0

thank you Jesus
for helping me through this hard time with 6 subjects

p.s: hey bro, wanna belanja? *hint* *hint*

Sep 21, 2010


well, it's 2:01am now and it's my first late night at inti since this sem started.
i was watching hk dramas(forgotten how nice they could be sometimes) until i think i became unstoppable.

feeling slightly guilty for staying up late.
yet unable to stop my fingers click-click-clicking.
half-heartedly accomplishing some assignments which include deceptive malaysian political blogs.
man, although they might be deceptive but they score high in the entertainment factor~
still laughing from those crazy things bloggers wrote.

as was the thing with facebookers, after i finished checking all my notifications,
all i do is wait for that small bracket () representing that i've got some worthwhile notifications to appear in my facebook tab.





read hilarious malaysian blogs again.





read through some un-updated blogs.*jean ung this is for you* still waiting for something to make my day.





useless notifications about some random people replying to some random thing i *liked* long ago.





wow i had no idea that 28% of the top 50 most influential blogs in malaysia were about personal stuff.





finished another episode of hk drama. contemplating another episode.





checked out matthew lim's totally hilarious childhood pics.
he's totally the same when he's a small kid. his sis(another eunice) looks totally cute!
i wont steal any pics from there so check it out yourself.






*Danielle Tan Shin Yi tagged two photos of you*

thinking to myself, what could it possibly be?(all of the watat pics of us had already been uploaded by her FOC camera.) while clicking on it, totally unprepared for the image.

are you ready?

in this picture(from left to right): mona raven lee, danielle tan, joyce koh, margaret tan.

words can't begin to describe my feelings when i saw this pic.
i think my first reaction was @#$% hahaha,

but i was really and truly gobsmacked by it.

thank you danielle tan shin yi, you totally made my day :>

Sep 20, 2010

so you're now in liverpool

haha this girl requested me to write a blog post about her so here it is.
she is danielle tan shin yi, currently at university of liverpool getting her law degree.

she's a freek, but only by membership. she's the most normal freek among us. honestly. haha so she's the one who maintains our sanity. anyway, this tanshinyi i know is an amazing girl.
she has astounding abilities to learn and persevere.
at first the old shinyi i knew was a girl who didn't draw much, sucked at maths, and feels bad about her english level.

and now, her drawings were much much better than me (she draws sucker mouth fishes and weird people with huge hair hahaha)
her maths were so cool,
and her english? (go read her blog)

to tell you the truth, i couldn't do that. so she's one of my all time heroes~

i remember the time when we took econ together, then she and i would always snick down to get nuggets to eat or something. she would start doodling her fishes in notebooks but then she always manages to emerge the top in the results...argh...

she also loves making lists. all of her lists consist of 'brands i like', then there would be lists and lists of chanel, prada, miumiu, CK, coach, and a lot of unpronounceable couture brands....heheh, tanshinyi, don't max out your credit card in UK alright?

tanshinyi ah, i dunno what to write liao la, i wish u all the best in liverpool and please remember to get topshop stuff for me~

ps: i really have to say this again. you look great without your braces. *bling*

so i'm back

after a month long break, i can honestly say that i actually miss inti...although that feeling is rapidly disappearing as the age old questions of where to eat, what to wear pops up again...
hmm...this holiday was especially special for me, because this is my first holiday that i didn't have much to do with the band.

for 6 long years, all my holidays were sacrificed for band tours, practices, concerts, competitions, camps, marches, sectionals.....
well, i didn't regret any of those time because if i'm left at home, all i would do is sleep, watch tv and mindlessly grow fat.

however, this time is the time that i get to plan my own holidays~ wheeee~~
i have to say, i planned it quite well..first week into the sem break, i went gaga and spent all my time and money yamcha-ing till late at night, sleeping till late in the morning and generally making myself literally worn out with fun...

then mom couldn't stand my lifestyle and demanded that i get a job or get a life.
(my mom's phobia is people who sleep late haha)

what to do? of course i got a job.

what job? 10 out of 10 people would never get it right if i asked them to guess.

all my friends, acquaintances, or relatives couldn't imagine me doing this.

haha. me being kindergarten teacher so unbelievable meh?
(i'm mostly in charge of 3 year olds)

after my sem break i totally miss those kids so please bear with me while i recount what i miss about them~

this is emmanuel teh. he's three and he's the most sensitive kid i've ever met. i think he'll be totally good looking when he grows up too. he has great skin and a good temperament. the first time i saw him, he requested a bib from me. after his meal, he folded up his bib by himself! wowww!


once, he accidentally ran into a friend and knocked that friend down. he was slightly bumped on the head too. however, when he went home he told his mom that he 'beat' a friend. how many honest kids do you get like this nowadays??? if i ever get a kid of my own, i would send it to emmanuel's mom for training~

this is wolczeck. he's 3 years old and he has an impressive vocabulary consisting of 'fire extinguisher', 'putu mayam', and many other words. he's quirky and rather pompous. but nevermind, i still love him.

this is leow hong yuan~he is 3 years old and i had an ongoing love-hate relationship with him. once he bit me on my hand because he got mad. but when he's sweet, i'm not joking. i can feel my heart melting...aww.... i think he's going to be casanova when he grows up. all the ladies can't resist him...he's totally clever and able to concentrate too. i know this may not seem like much but for 3 year old kids, not many could do that. i knew some kids who are destined to be klutzes...ahhh..miss him so bad.

anyway, this was my second time working here. before starting my degree, i worked morning shifts. when it's time for me to leave its always around 1pm which is their nap time. he always refused to sleep, then all the other teachers would tease him and ask him to get into my bag and follow me home. (as i always use huge bags)
he always starts screaming when i put my bag near him. heheh.

but this time during my sem break, on my last day there. he actually put himself into my bag to follow me home!

ohmigosh how i wish i could.

this is chloe. funny how all 3 year old chloes i know are clever, cute, and has huge beautiful eyes.
i don't know much about her because she's rather quiet. that hello kitty looks creepy though.

this is louis. he's 3 years old. he used to be one of my favorite kids until he learnt the word 'no'.
we wrestle on a daily basis. he loves to use the phone and pretend to talk big business. he also loves to make guns from lego bricks. i think the toy kids love most is the gun. argh the effects of media on society.

wheee..this is william but i call him 'willum'. i love him so bad. he's my favorite. (yes i play favoritism but only with him) he's fat and opinionated. he loves kiddie songs but he hates cartoons. he always has a little half smile which makes me want to laugh whenever i see him. according to willum fans club vice president grace koh, he looks like a korean star.

willum staring longingly at the box. see his half-smile?
its like he up to something but he thinks you don't know about it.

this. is reika.
she has the plumpest cheeks. she's the same age as willum. i would love it so much if they were good friends but they're not. they rather competitive with each other hahaha. she's half japanese and she doesn't talk much. she just looks at the world through her big clear eyes and opens her mouth into a small 'o' to yell when something makes her mad (usually willum)
she seems like some clever owl.
totally squeezable girl~~~~


actually there are lots and lots more kids i would love to talk about but some i didn't get pics of. having a job as a kindergarten teacher was totally fun although i lose my voice sometimes. so for those people who will be graduating from high school soon, don't get promoter type jobs because in comparison, there are other jobs who were better. (in my opinion lah)

heheh, that's all for now, i gotta do my first assignment now.

(first day first class first assignment)

no wonder i feel like screaming.

and now we say goodbye

finally, margaret tan has finally found time in her appointment book for us civillians.
on a precious sunday which is the 12th of september 2010,
we had our last date where all four freeks were together before going out to spread freekiness~

as usual we took a lotta pics...
shinyi finally became a 'good friend' and came to kota kemuning to be my driver~ wheeee~

margaret was late when we reached her house so the 'date' was even shorter =[
but her 'lateness' caused us to make a detour to


heh heh...where our efforts were rewarded...we went there expecting to waste time and maybe lepak...but so unexpectedly~
who knew that there was a durian puff store in there????
i think tan shin yi's durian puff radar led us there...honestly, i've never noticed it all this time...
(shinyi's sez her job is to hunt down durian puff all over malaysia)

loooook at that creamy custardy durian bursting out !!
this style of puff is more like those malaccan stuff, not that pancakey thing i bought shinyi last time...according to shinyi, those at malacca were hotter and crispier......
but this tastes grrreat all the same~~~~

posing with this amayzing find of the day... raven transformed into durian puff...

did anyone ever heard about hailam kopitiam's famous wholemeal paus?
at least, i think it's famous in sungei wang's branch....
raven mona lee couldn't resist to try out one at shah alam's branch..but she did not have any small change with her,
( she paid with rm50)
and then the kopitiam did not have enough change for her...(!)(its rm1 per pau)
how lame is that?
anyway, all those shop supervisors and waiters and waitresses were shaking their heads and saying stuff like 'duit terlalu besar lah'....
when it seemed as though all hope was lost....



the indian guy who was reponsible for wrapping up the pau stepped in and saved the day ~!

he decided to pay for it, and so raven mona lee xiao hui got a
free pau....==

and you know what's the funniest thing about this story?

raven said:'i've always thought that he looked cute. who knows, maybe i will come back and work here, then we will get a chance to get to know each other further.'

the girl who sold her soul for a rm1 wholemeal pau.

ok so after picking margarita tan up, the date officially started with those gorgeous chocolates she bought from japan~ we had a chocolate fest in the car (no crumbs!)

pasta zanmai~

argh this gorgeous salmon pasta ordered by shinyi where the salmon melts in your mouth...and my disgusting soft shell crab pasta...i think its too oily and huge a portion for me...should have gotten a salad or something...


margaret and raven...i think i missed the time when both of them sat together in class. me and shinyi would sit in front of them and sounds of their 'bombing' would always float by our ears.
the random stuff they would use to bomb each other was so weirdly random that i would always laugh in disbelief......hahahhaaaaaa........(lost in nostalgia)

anways, loadss of window shopping later~
our stomachs were empty again and ready for a second round...heheh

delicious~~ hahahaa actually i think this restaurant's name is rather weird....
for example, delicious serves 'delicious food'!
then their mineral water was called 'delicious water'!
and the crew called themselves the 'delicious team'!
honestly, this is the same as naming your daughter 美丽,
so people will call you 美丽的妈妈.
haha, narcissism at its best

hugging the pillows at delicious which might be not entirely hygienic but whatever...on the top is me & raven who will be staying back at malaysia and on the bottom are those who will be leaving :< src="" style="cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 120px;" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5516987282149250082" border="0">

on our way back..

it was twilight at the moment and we were all in the car together...eating leftover chocolates and softly singing along to 'wake me up when september ends' on the car radio....

it was a moment that i'll remember forever.

bye guys. come back soon.

Sep 13, 2010

do you know what you're looking at? look again.

i just read thevigilantcitizen's website.

he's a guy who studied symbols and the meanings behind them etc.
symbolism is not common knowledge, which is probably why the davinci code was a hit because dan brown explained all those symbols to us commoners and we lapped it all up, feeling intellectually fuller.

this vigilant citizen was a guy, something like robert langdon who knows his symbols.
symbols from cults or satanic stuff, he's well-versed in them.
so, the thing is, why am i writing about this website?

his website reminded me of one thing:

most of us are idiots who lap up what the entertainment industry gives us without a second thought.

maybe this is the first or second time you guys have heard about Lady Gaga being 'bad for you'.

but how bad? this website gives us a clearer picture.

everyday, when we are sharing lady gaga's mvs or images on facebook or handphones, exclaiming how cool is it, how special it looks, how catchy her songs were, how creative she is....

did we ever stop to think about the meanings behind it?

i think any person with half a brain will know that in designing a logo or a brand name, we need to think about the values or meaning that we want to represent.

as lady gaga herself said, 'there is meaning behind everything i do.'

to my surprise, there are people who don't know what 'gaga' means.

'gaga': means dumb, stupid, empty headed, crazy...

and have you ever stopped to wonder what those goat heads on her head, or the symbols she makes with her hands mean?

nothing is meaningless. do not dismiss weirdness as meaningless.

far from it.

whatever that is seemingly pointless, has a dangerous hidden meaning behind it.

people, i implore you to read this website and reach your own conclusions.
please, at least be aware of what you're exposed to, what you admire, and what you believe in.

don't be dumb and ignore the obvious signs that are staring at you in the eye.

wake up, people.

don't swallow the crap they serve you.

Sep 11, 2010

rakuzen ♥ eunice's convo

wheee eunice koh yan ci hez finally graduated!!!!
haha actually her degree in psychology is only 3 years lar..
it just feels very exciting to menghadiri a convocation, since mom & dad had to work,
i get to go in their place !!!

since the dress code is formal, we're all dressed up early in the morning..
its totally weird to be wearing formal so early that it's still dark out...
the whole 'feeling' is like going to some dinner, but my body is still in 'blur' mode....@.@

anyway, bro got the idea of having hainan tea for breakfast...
like most good food in malaysia, all of it has to be in unappetizing places..
this hainan 'cham' was situated in Pasar Imbi,
hidden amongst stalls selling veggie and whatnot...
and us all dressed in formal having breakfast there....


but all the discomfort is worth it~ cause this tea truly rocks!!!!

hehehe if u really know me, i am a 'cham' fan!!!
('cham' is a beverage, which is coffee and tea blended in perfection)


this 'cham' is really nice, smooth and delicious~
paired with crispy roti bakar and half boiled egg...

*sighs with pleasure*

florists taking full advantage of the situation~
bro refuses to fall into the trap of buying expensive bouquets..
('says who we need to buy flowers for the graduand?')
then he started ranting about the powers of advertising and PR
(hey! mass commer here! waves hand)
which created the stupid tradition of wasting money for one good meal to get pointless flowers which will wilt or gather dust either way.

hmm... i don't care. they look good in photos =P

Spot her! Koh Yan Ci~

at the procession~ coming in~

taking pics while waiting for the never-ending procession.... heheh



congrats to the new graduate!

moved outside to take photos~ people people people everywhere....

wheee eunice with pretty janice~ my high school roommate~

finally my turn to take with her
(in between there were countless pics of her and her mostly nameless classmates which i selfishly won't upload here heheh)

actually i was her photographer of the day lo~ luckily someone took this pic of me :]
whenever someone appears, sis would sort of flap her hand and i will report for duty, camera in hand~

(owch, i was thinking who would be so kind to be my photographer on my own convo?)
*bro sez he refuses to come down to nilai since he knows i will take endless pics* :(

credits of this pic to kahliang's camera ~ i am so joining the DSLR wannabe club soon!

lookee here! all of the 'psycho' graduates together~ look at all those bouquets! those florists must be laughing their heads off all the way to the bank......

on another note, while they were taking this group pic, a couple of foreign tourists passing by decided to take a pic with them as their background...

but the parents and camerapeople boo-ed them away...


i think this was rather unpleasant of malaysians lo....
its just a pic, and its not like you guys already had 1,000++ photos of this same pose la..
so unsporting....
we're supposed to be warm and welcoming malaysians who are truly asians right??

herm...if i took a trip overseas, i hope i can take this kind of pics heheh, don't boo me please~

me and philip koh fooling around while waiting for your highness eunice koh to get her stuff...

the sun was so hot....our eyes were becoming smaller....and smaller..... - -

congrats~ strive for tomorrow~

hahhahaha~ next stop:


ooh~celebratory lunch for the graduate~

i wonder...why the japanese had to wrap their chopsticks in paper?
i'm getting quite fixated with this...some of the wrappings are really beautiful~~
maybe i will get a job as chopstick wrapper designer...
mamak wrappers ngek ngek~

ordered my usual unagi~
(that day watched cooking show where the guys had to cook eel....eew...
i had no idea chefs go through this torture to prepare my beloved unagi...
i forgot they actually look like snakes when all the time they appear to me in glorious grilled form)

and beef assorted sushi platter~~~

huge hunk of leaf-shaped wasabi~ we managed to kaotim 3/10 of it only =[
waste of food...

japanese food is totally deceptive.
in those set meals you think the portion is very small and then thinks you can manage it.
but in reality, you need to kaotim the main course, soup, fruits, chawanmushi, sushi etc...

at the end...

bursting stomach :(

this sem break i totally got my lesson.
my stomach seemed to have shrunk, resulting me being unable to stuff much food.
so one single japanese set can finish me off... K.O... =[

so we just ordered two sets, feeling full and satisfied, since me and eunice koh can't eat too much anyway...

argh i must train my appetite back...
i love Rakuzen, totally fresh ingredients and great service.

(licking my chops)

but according to food connoiseur margaret tan, she sez sushi tei at singapore ees better...
i don't care, rakuzen is great~