Aug 6, 2010

worth it? or not.

my first semester as a mass comm student is nearly over and its time to reach a conclusion.

at the end, our formerly neutral class started to 'create meaning through interaction'.
i honestly don't want to gang up or anything, please.
but i couldn't blame them for doing so either.
why the ganging up?

it's all because of an annoying thing called 'group assignment'.

top 3 annoying types of group members:

1. sloppy joes:
being the perfectionist that i sometimes am, i couldn't accept sloppy work,
yet there are those who insist on 'kaotim-ing' everything 'fast fast',
so that it won't take up too much of their own personal time.
so you're the only one who has personal time.
big news.

and choosing quantity means only one thing: the sacificial of quality. =(

2. creditors:
poured blood sweat and tears while you're sleeping soundly away,
and you got the sweet marks i slaved over.

3. those with selective memories:
did any small little thing,
'my group members were so irresponsible, they let me do everything, i'm so stressed.'
c'mon la, wanna start doing the math?

anyhow, the list is endless....

but the main point is, i've come to a conclusion,
group assignments or no group assignments,
give others the benefit of the doubt,
but maintaining my own 'standards'.

should i buy a good camera, video cam, and video editor?
it makes me so disgustingly jealous when i see all those gorgeeeous productions of others.

gah...wanna sleep first...nites.

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