Aug 11, 2010


i'm so excited! tomorrow's my last paper for the finals aaaand i'm off!!!!

just now had lunch with mr.kevin.

he's this lecturer that i like quite a lot,

but i always get the feeling he thinks that me & sandra is lazy...

don't know la...but just now,

at the second day before the end of the sem,

it finally



dawned upon him that we took 6 subjects this sem.

which is like @#$% for us.

all the time he thought we're just slacking off and not paying attention while we were preparing

for all those other crazy assignments that pile up like there's no tomorrow.


i feel proud of myself.

although some may say i'm 'crazy' / 'noob' / 'who ask you take so much?'


finally i can proudly yell out

'I survived sem 1!!!!'

'with 6 subjects!!!!!'


its no big deal lar...just this extreme feeling of relief....


i know alot of people may take 6 subjects too,

but our coursework is more than others,
because in these short 2 and a half months,

we did 24 assignments + projects.


i did it!!!!

ngek ngek ngek...

after 'mass media and society' tomorrow, i'm officially a free woman!

single and available...

(starting to blur cause last night whole night didn't sleep @.@)

i think inti really got problem la.

1. our projects were up to the very last week before the exams
2. we have no study break
3. the week before the exams, still have to go class
4. exam week. want a few days break in between subjects? in your dreams

you know how terrible ah?
(reverting to manglish when agitated)
we got 5 papers.
5 stupid papers.

tuesday: 8am paper 1 & 5pm paper 2
wednesday: 5pm paper 3
thursday!: 8am paper 4
friday: 8am paper 5

all stick stick together...act cute meh?

especially wednesday nite, after one paper had to gobble another subject before 8am.


we're all supposed to be superstudents

because after kaotim-ing ALL our assignments, its finals.

no rest, no breather, no toilet breaks.

but whateva, i'm lucky that i'm still healthy save for ulcers and pimples,
nothing could bog me down~


the main point of this blog post is:

i just wanna show off how pro i was in face of 'adversity'..blek...
thank you Lord for being with me all the way ...

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