Aug 11, 2010

i am 19, NOT 20 :P

i know i know these pics were a thousand years ago,
but since i got my dear phone back,
its time to upload em'~

these pics were taken a few hours after my birthday started,
sandra tracy chiuling peiling yling (i know its a bunch of lings~) oh, and andrew~
surprised me with a cake on my emo birthday~!!

i was soo touched T^T
anyway, here's the pics taken before my phone died..on my birthday!
see how heartless my phone is?

its his revenge(yes,it's a he)
for me forgetting that he's a classy sonyericsson that's not to be thrown around like a lowly nokia.

chiuling in black and yling in (white?)

the cute cake where sandra and andrew squiggled their writing on the cake~
aww...thanks guys...

(this reminds me when i drew a bird for mona lee hahah)
birdqueen (17th?) birthday 2008

me looking blur cause i just woke's 12am lah!
i usually don't sleep this early but i was emo for some unfathomable reason so i went to bed early as an attention seeking act heheh

tracyy on the left and mastermind behind all of this thanks sandra on the right~

wheee~~ peiling (also known as mcbunbun) beside me~~
i think this is the only normal pic of her cause on fb u can see all of her sampat looks~

a picasa collage i did...sorry for the quality...
a gazillion thanks again for making me feel special that day =]

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