Aug 24, 2010


me being the kindie teacher extraordinaire, decided to while away the hours sharpening colour pencils.
did i mention i got a job this sem break as daycare teacher?
anyway, there was this huge box of colour pencils for them to use,
but all of the colour pencils were blunt and useless...

ah...the whiff of childhood...
i used to love colouring when i was a kid,
i loved the way the colours would shade with their own distinctive texture,
the small little white spaces in the paper left out...
i used faber castel back then, or staedler...
those octagonal traditional pencils~

but that daycare, uses another brand which endorses the recent triangular rage.

these few years i've seen ridiculous pen advertisements with prominent taglines proclaiming
useless stuff like

'tri-sided for EXTRA GRIP!'
'triangular shape for better performance!'
'unique shape to suit your needs!'


and i've always questioned the wisdom of buying those 'unique' writing equipment.

today, the truth is revealed

stupid tri-sided pens for 'extra grip' digs into your fingers,
causing extreme pain if used for long periods of time.

so back to the main point of this post

sharpening them is total torture


now i have 3 weirdly shaped and fat blisters on my fingers.

buh bye bass guitar....

tri-sided colour pencils are no good for you man!

don't buy em'!
(haha although i know it will be years before you guys buy for your kiddies)

get good ol' staedler or faber castell~~

happened upon the weirdest pencil website
'exploring the art and science of pencils since 2005'

p.s: 2 days till PD trip~!

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