Aug 29, 2010

*remove friend*

yesterday just got back from church camp at eagle ranch port dickson. (more about that later) after i came back, we went for a 'yumcha farewell' with miaohuat. after all the hoo-ha about what kind of farewell to organize, we just had a simple mamak session. but not much of us were present, since xuewei having finals, kellytan having test, naimo forgotten is farewell, and someone else bullshitting.

i have no idea what the word 'friend' means.

it is disheartening(downright disgusting) to have a friend say,

" sorry i can't go, i promised to have dinner with my mom, very sorry "

and then see the same person with his girlfriend dating.





i cannot bring myself to fathom the reasons behind the lying.
i cannot understand why people forget their friends after they start dating.
or worse, don't dare to keep in touch with friends just because
'my girlfriend doesn't like it'.

i'm not sorry i lost my respect for you.

we as your friends, don't do drugs, don't drink, don't steal boyfriends.

isn't that enough?

ok, i have no say in this matter. whoever this guy wants to spend his sunday night with is none of my business.
who the guy chooses to be friends with is none of my business either.

good luck with your life.
your wedding will be filled with the bride's guests.

that'll look gooood.

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