Aug 23, 2010

bbq 1

so this week sudah makan 2 barbeques.
i am officially fat.
first barbeque is at peixun's house in setia alam~ this was the first time i've been there,
and its this new area where the houses were really nice but the weird thing was,
the was a toll set up RIGHT outside setia alam, so every single time any of those residents wanna go out, they had to pay.
i hate tolls.

it's like paying to breath.

but whatever, those people are rich enough to pay~ so who am i to complain~?
at least kota kemuning had secret passages to escape tolls~

peixun was my high school classmate back in my junior years,
i remember when we used to play paper chess in class which resulted in our maths sucking majorly that year. good times. hahahah

anyhow, his house was huuge~
it feels grreat to catch up again~

forgive the quality of the pics, my sony ericsson wasn't up to the challenge of night shots :(

me and peixun (he looks like he's gonna chop his head off, no?)

kelly & margaret~
(margaret's the chef of the night, preparing sotong and fish and lala and whatnot, exclaiming japanese expressions of delight over the yummy seafood, i forgot what are those terms..sodesneh?)

(and kelly was just grilling my promised sausages in exchange for helping her assignment)

kelly, margaret & wei quen!!! he's also my beloved junior classmate, just back from nz~~~

Gemma lim with her boy khoo beng shuen~ heheh don't they look alike? i honestly love them~

gemma, kelly hiding behind being gui shui, peixun, and me~

kelly trying to take a pic with peixun's kid bro who's really really cute, but little boys who try to act macho won't comply of course!
this pic was sneaked when he was occupied with his psp... haiz kids nowadays...

he thinks psp is sufficient to cover his face~

me and kelly posing in the jacuzzi tub during the tour of the house...
hahaha to put it in kelly's words:
'we were cavemen who never saw these stuff before!'

lol....when we were taking this pic someone passed by and scat away quickly with this weird expression...come on lah, i felt like i was 'caught in indecent acts'.....

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