Aug 3, 2010

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very emo now, cause my lecturer lost my assignment and now i'm expected to re-do it.
come on lah, i put in a lot of effort in this particularly extra boring assignment!
so...MSC ten-point bill of guarantee,here i come.
and with finals round the corner i'm expected to redo something i did 3 weeks ago.@#$%!
never ever delete your assignments no matter how itchy your fingers are.
all the other lame assignments are still in my laptop, only this extra boring assignment deleted.
on another note, here's the story of my phones:
phone no.1:spoiled
phone no.2:left on friend's car, he went travelling.(so my sim card was in there too)
phone no.3(kindly lent by room-mate plus extra sim card): can't charge
phone no.4: blackberry! even more kindly lent to me by victor. left at home, forgot to bring here.
so now i am forced to live a phoneless life. It's great.
all my classmates are so pekcek now cause they can't contact me.
i sincerely apologize.
but the feeling that you can't beon call 24/7 feels quite good ^v^
so this week~i am not exposed to phone radiation at every second~
woooh~the healthy life~~
so ..... as a result, i fell in love with Blackberry phones~
i know they're meant for businessmen and all, but.....i can't help it!
with the whole world in love with the iphone now, it's all i could do to be the 'rebel'~ngek ngek~
seriously, that blackberry victor lent me,
although it's all beat up,
(he threw it on the basketball court when he's playing basketball)
it's still really good to use after 4 years leh!
plus i'm that kind of people who thinks blackberry looks good~wahahahaa
look!!! pink and purple blackberries!!!!(pinkberry, purpleberry)

hahaa...i know i'm no tech pro, it's just a personal preference~~~~

*hint* *hint* for those interested in getting me a present~ :P

p.s: lecturer found my assignment after all~ thank you Jesus, i know what's lost will be found~

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