Aug 29, 2010

*remove friend*

yesterday just got back from church camp at eagle ranch port dickson. (more about that later) after i came back, we went for a 'yumcha farewell' with miaohuat. after all the hoo-ha about what kind of farewell to organize, we just had a simple mamak session. but not much of us were present, since xuewei having finals, kellytan having test, naimo forgotten is farewell, and someone else bullshitting.

i have no idea what the word 'friend' means.

it is disheartening(downright disgusting) to have a friend say,

" sorry i can't go, i promised to have dinner with my mom, very sorry "

and then see the same person with his girlfriend dating.





i cannot bring myself to fathom the reasons behind the lying.
i cannot understand why people forget their friends after they start dating.
or worse, don't dare to keep in touch with friends just because
'my girlfriend doesn't like it'.

i'm not sorry i lost my respect for you.

we as your friends, don't do drugs, don't drink, don't steal boyfriends.

isn't that enough?

ok, i have no say in this matter. whoever this guy wants to spend his sunday night with is none of my business.
who the guy chooses to be friends with is none of my business either.

good luck with your life.
your wedding will be filled with the bride's guests.

that'll look gooood.

Aug 24, 2010


me being the kindie teacher extraordinaire, decided to while away the hours sharpening colour pencils.
did i mention i got a job this sem break as daycare teacher?
anyway, there was this huge box of colour pencils for them to use,
but all of the colour pencils were blunt and useless...

ah...the whiff of childhood...
i used to love colouring when i was a kid,
i loved the way the colours would shade with their own distinctive texture,
the small little white spaces in the paper left out...
i used faber castel back then, or staedler...
those octagonal traditional pencils~

but that daycare, uses another brand which endorses the recent triangular rage.

these few years i've seen ridiculous pen advertisements with prominent taglines proclaiming
useless stuff like

'tri-sided for EXTRA GRIP!'
'triangular shape for better performance!'
'unique shape to suit your needs!'


and i've always questioned the wisdom of buying those 'unique' writing equipment.

today, the truth is revealed

stupid tri-sided pens for 'extra grip' digs into your fingers,
causing extreme pain if used for long periods of time.

so back to the main point of this post

sharpening them is total torture


now i have 3 weirdly shaped and fat blisters on my fingers.

buh bye bass guitar....

tri-sided colour pencils are no good for you man!

don't buy em'!
(haha although i know it will be years before you guys buy for your kiddies)

get good ol' staedler or faber castell~~

happened upon the weirdest pencil website
'exploring the art and science of pencils since 2005'

p.s: 2 days till PD trip~!

Aug 23, 2010

farewell discussion~

had the lamest idea to hold a farewell discussion for miaohuat...since he's leaving for taiwan for 5 years.... we decided to get evyone out for 'discussion' plus pay 'deposit' so as to ensure perfect attendance....
hahha, it seemed perfect in theory but in reality, people have assignments, girlfriends, balik kampungs, classes......

so not evyone was here (sob)

hehe, this was the first time we makan in kota kemuning, and sadly they thinketh the price is too high....
i felt so sad weih...

here comes the problem with gatherings.

i do love my friends.
but all of us have our separate commitments.
and budget problems.
seelah, students are so cham....

guang guang acting cute =P

~miao~ with his nasi lemak..he better eat more malaysian food before leaving~

felicia full from shogun...not eating..

HELP kia ng xuewei~ i hate his fashion sense =[

hahahhhhahhah~~ after that we went for snooker...since kahhing wanted to play so badly....but i felt apprehensive at first...i have never played this will be a humiliating experience :(

using the long thingy to measure...

i look like i'm rowing a boat...wahahha, but i think this one scored ~~~wheeee

naimo climbed on the table!! ....wahaha... the desperateness is clearly seen....

looking predator-like ...grr....

haha~ first time playing this type of accuracy game, fun ler...although inti has a pool centre, but i've never been there due to my stupid busy sem will continue to hone my skills~~~

after that went to subang to return kelly tan's stuff....she left her stuff on my car...
i hate subang traffic lah....
that night the street was under repair, so had to find another route....
i so blur case....
luckily nothing happened to me lor...

so the farewell discussion ended with 'we contact via facebook!'...


hmm...there're two things i am rather **** off about recently.
one is birthdays, the other is gatherings.

birthdays are so annoying. for real.
cause i had this totally unhappy birthday experience, i wanted to make others happy now. but i couldn't control my own emotions that's saying 'unfair!' 'unfair!"......and whatever...

eg: if i am going to celebrate A's birthday which was in august,
i might offend B's birthday who went uncelebrated back in january!!

i might be thinking too much ( i hope!)

i had this complex which started this year which states that birthdays are the day where the birthday boy or girl get to feel special...

i know this sounds dumb,

but i am really particular about this thinggg..... =(
so...... birthdays are starting to annoy me.

gatherings are also weird.
who to ask? where? what how?
i know every event needs an organizer who has to be patient and pays attention to details and make all the decisions.

but i hate being seen as bossy or long-winded....


i am rambling about dunno what....

ignore me please if you don't understand me~

bbq 1

so this week sudah makan 2 barbeques.
i am officially fat.
first barbeque is at peixun's house in setia alam~ this was the first time i've been there,
and its this new area where the houses were really nice but the weird thing was,
the was a toll set up RIGHT outside setia alam, so every single time any of those residents wanna go out, they had to pay.
i hate tolls.

it's like paying to breath.

but whatever, those people are rich enough to pay~ so who am i to complain~?
at least kota kemuning had secret passages to escape tolls~

peixun was my high school classmate back in my junior years,
i remember when we used to play paper chess in class which resulted in our maths sucking majorly that year. good times. hahahah

anyhow, his house was huuge~
it feels grreat to catch up again~

forgive the quality of the pics, my sony ericsson wasn't up to the challenge of night shots :(

me and peixun (he looks like he's gonna chop his head off, no?)

kelly & margaret~
(margaret's the chef of the night, preparing sotong and fish and lala and whatnot, exclaiming japanese expressions of delight over the yummy seafood, i forgot what are those terms..sodesneh?)

(and kelly was just grilling my promised sausages in exchange for helping her assignment)

kelly, margaret & wei quen!!! he's also my beloved junior classmate, just back from nz~~~

Gemma lim with her boy khoo beng shuen~ heheh don't they look alike? i honestly love them~

gemma, kelly hiding behind being gui shui, peixun, and me~

kelly trying to take a pic with peixun's kid bro who's really really cute, but little boys who try to act macho won't comply of course!
this pic was sneaked when he was occupied with his psp... haiz kids nowadays...

he thinks psp is sufficient to cover his face~

me and kelly posing in the jacuzzi tub during the tour of the house...
hahaha to put it in kelly's words:
'we were cavemen who never saw these stuff before!'

lol....when we were taking this pic someone passed by and scat away quickly with this weird expression...come on lah, i felt like i was 'caught in indecent acts'.....

Aug 20, 2010

pheww...i love sem breaks....


a bunch of us leaders went to bukit cahaya to check out the stuff there, cause the whole youth would be having an outinggggg on september 4th~ anyone wanna join~?

anyhow, since i am a 'shah alamese', i should know what are the fun places to hangout in shah alam right?


after 19 years of living in this bandar diraja,
i know more about entertainment in other places than in my own 'hometown'...


but this place(bkt cahaya) i know, cause my mom brought us to bkt cahaya a long long time ago,
i think its when i was...7?

hrm..this place changed alot lo, although i heard the government splashed a lot of money on this agricultural park but ah....

i think ah....

firstly, the 'rabbit farm' has no rabbits, only a grossly disfigured one, and an army of ants that look like they can devour you like the indiana jones movie...........

then the fishing farm was we turned into the junction another bunch of people came up, looking weary and panting like dogs.....
they warned us not to go to the 'dead end' cause its a waste of time...
hahahaha...but the adventurous binwu wanted to see, so at last we went on....the tanks were empty...==

but there's a huuge lake,
artistic picture of huge lake taken by me...

but the lakes there were pretty quiet, which was rather creepy in a way....
MUNSTERS were lurking below...
any moment the loch ness monster would creep up and chomp....
ohkay ini macam some cheap horror movie..

but apart from that, i think the stuff there were ohkay ohkay lar~
the fun's with friends~~~

so, our journey begins:

got ourselves bikes at rm3 per hour, you can choose old bikes or new bikes,
we got old ones, but personally, i feel new ones might have more 'oomph!' because those slopes were no joke, you need good gears and good brakes to survive~
also, no sharing of bikes ala gaya romantik because there's no way you can survive.

maps helpfully built along the way to keep us on track.
(i recommend getting your own personal map at the counter, it really helps~)

first stop : bird 'park'.
this possessive peacock would stop us from ogling his 'peahens'...
but i've never liked animals in cages, so whatever...

there was another majestic eagle there, but the eagle was in a very short cage,
which made me sad. eagles are meant to soar, not sit on tree trunks.

taman pertanian shah alam, please don't abuse animals!!

me taken on my bike~
its been YEARS since i rode a bike...this pic was taken when aeron's bike had problems going uphill and we were making good use of the time waiting for him~
(see? get a new bike for rm 5 per hour)

melody with the first MUNSTER lake. look at how quiet it is???
aeron sez this reminded him of Sabah's mountains..
its actually very nice if you ignore the creepy factor~

walkie talkie cockatoo~ i lovvve the way it talks like a robot...LOL

four season house~!!
forgive my excitement, but this was the first time i went in~~~
entry rm 3 per pax~

in the 'summery gazebo' was 'summer' at the time we went~

nice garden pathways....but we aren't allowed to walk on them :(

whee ~ one and only group pic taken by me~~ my skills HAVE improved~~!!

bro having spring fever~

miaolody with eileen~

spot mel !
(this look a bit indian style hor?)

the four season house was 19.6 degrees celsius..and it was supposed to be summer,
but anyhow, we enjoyed the chill...
i mean, who would pay to experience an even hotter temperature from the outside?

big and weird and flat hibiscus~ happy merdeka~

another one of the 'attractions'--the ornamental garden..
when we cycled through it looked rather kanasai, but from the lookout point it looked quite nice~

the big and old looking lookout point...from far it reminded me of something that might appear in Princess mononoke or any other of Hayao Miyazaki's creations~
like those natural type stuff that sprout from the forest floor~
there's supposed to be another mushroom museum here, but it was closed...ah well...

after lookout point went for these exercise thingies~
when eileen was taking this pic, she asked :' melody, do you want to stand up?'
when mel was already standing like me!!
poor girl.... XDD
(ignore me if you don't get my point)

Chimps and monkeys on the loose....
(this is an incorrect demonstration, please refer to the instructions when you wanna try for yourself~)

aaaand.... she does a split!!!

after that we also went the the dam, another fishfarm etc, but i was too lazy to upload pics...

the whole 'trip' was uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill....

and those downhills parts were really wheeeee!!
uphill? *URGH*pant*sweat*are we there yet?*i wanna die!*@#$%!* etc...

after that we went for the healthiest lunch eva ~

since we spent the whole day breathing in freshhh air and exercisinggg,
its only logical that we continue the healthy lifestyle and had a balanced lunch free of fat, oil, sugar, salt, cholestrol, calories, and all other gunk~

so we went to 'little ben', which is the restaurant by Herbaline Kota Kemuning,
but surprise surprise~
it had changed its name , to 'lohas', which if i remember correctly is the name for all things healthy and environmentally friendly~

hermm...i had baked tomato seafood rice, which was great~
there were octopus babies(the joy of eating paul's offspring), mussels, prawns, seafood tofu and crabsticks...
surprisingly the seafood rice didn't contain fish...hmm...
sorry i had gunked up my rice before i remembered to take a shot...

melody's baked tomato chicken rice, ungunked version~
spot her drink~
i forgot the complicated name, but its basically ribena+sprite+grapes~
the nicest drink of the day~

they guys didn't enjoy their noodles because i think the chef really didn't put salt in.
but eileen loved her noodle because for her its just right.

tastiness is in the tongue of the taster~

no thirstiness after that lunch~ proves that no MSG is added~
sadly that was the one and only healthy day of my sem break so far =(

haha~ more updates later~

[my right arm aches now cause i did housework(ironing a ton of clothes. no joke!)...haiz...time to contribute to the family~]