Jul 5, 2010

when in doubt, go travel

gradually, without i realising it, i have developed an appetite for travel.

i have never paid much thought to it before,

but lately i have this HUGE urge to pack my bags, take the lcct bus(20 mins away frm inti), get an airasia ticket,

and LEAVE!!!

i travel when i want to escape something.

i travel when i feel stifled.

i travel when i got bored with the shopping malls in malaysia.

travelling has that weird effect on you, taking in fresh air and all that.


i have no idea why some people look at me like i'm crazy when i sez i wanna go travel alone.

why not?

c'mon :)

haha... but travelling alone can be lonely.

like last year i went to singapore for a short trip, i had to stop myself from talking to strangers about random stuff i see.

'look! funny coke ad.'

'look! crazy girl with fruits'

i am wayyy too talkative for my own goood.


but travel can bring good bargains too~

that's why i'm planning to go thailand or indonesia or taiwan~

retail therapy, that's what! ^v^

thailand has that chatuchak market thingy, but i hope bangkok has calmed down

indonesia i have no idea how to where to since its so BIG (jakarta?)

i dont speak indon either :(

taiwan is rather expensive, and there're some dear friends i would like to see, and someone else i don't wanna meet.

hahahaa, there's another saying i've thought of :

'it doesn't matter where you go as long as the company is great'

hmm, this was during our 2006 juala gula trip, where my form teacher forced us to go this place in the middle of nowhere for our last class trip instead of langkawi (duty-free, people!!)
xue wei and his million-dollar-smile

crazy me shouting

they're pretendin to be (nerds?)

i ate my angry words back, because, although it IS in the middle of nowhere, i had fun. :)

(smiling at those happy memories with my crazy classmates)

i digress...

actually, sometimes going for a walk alone by a beautiful lake on a breezy evening can be relaxing enough,

but i can't resist that feeling of jealousy when i saw those happy pictures of people going for trips on facebook . grr....

ok, harry, i'll bring you along~

ps: where to go? any suggestions??

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