Jul 20, 2010

Raindrops falling on my head :]

it's 4:23am, my darling roommate is sleeping soundly, i've been hacking away at my final project for 7 hours, and now, it's starting to rain.
Nothing bugs me more than being unable to sleep at night, especially a rainy, stormy night.
But now this is happening to me right now.
But whenever i get the appointment to snuggle early, it never rains, but became as humid as Malaysia could be??

my bed misses me..but now i still have this comm theory final project to kaotim..

later, bed ~
not now~

We're going to Malacca this thursday!!!! so excited!!!! hahaahaa~
this malacca plan was hatched spontaneously this monday when we're just discussing what to do for this sinchew final project.
It's originally a event by sin chew, entitled 'a present for Malaysia',
where you get an elderly person to share about his/her experience in a particular place in malaysia~
if you finish the 15-minute-video, you get to be published after an interview~

initially no one planned to do it since we're already tsunami-ed with assignments, projects, and whatnot...

then that cunning lecturer had the nerve to cancel our original MV making project and replace with the 'present to Malaysia' thingy...
don't get me wrong, i love my tanah air~
it's just...Cognitive Dissonance...I guess...

So, after minimal justification
(Cendol, Laksa, Durian Puff, Chicken Rice)
I achieved consonance~~~

Let's go ~~~~~

looking forward to this trip ^^~~
(we're going to ..*secret* video our project)

but before this trip i had a final project and another assignment to pass up before i get to Jonker Street and sink my teeth in Makanan Malaysia~

~rain, rain go away~

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