Jul 27, 2010

my latest craving

at first i was going to whinge about group assignments here,
but on second thought it might be better to save my dear readers the eyesore~
words of wisdom: choose your group mates carefully :)

ok~ purely by chance i saw the food i wanted to try the most in the world~
i wanna eat it the way pregnant ladies get the craving for jackfruit or whatever~
weird food comes in all sizes and shapes
and i totally love this one:
you might think :' what's so special about pisang goreng???' even with ice cream added, there's still nothing that deserves my love right??

hahahaa~ here's where i prove you wrong~

do not, i repeat, do not judge a book by its cover~~~

in this case, do not judge a food by its outer layer~~~~

what's important is what's inside. ngek ngek~~~


it's a deep-fried Mars Bar!!!!!


i really wanna try this...london london here i come...

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