Jul 26, 2010


too bored, started reading everyone's blogs.
shinyi was comparing herself( a bored girl who hasn't changed) with her friends(who have gone on to college and started having a 'whole new' group of friends)

compare compare compare
why do we do these things?

someone told me that he doesn't like going for reunions or gatherings anymore because people tend to compare :
'what uni are you going to',
'how much are you earning',
'what country will you go to'

..show off...etc...

personally, i think that this is no big deal since my group of friends don't do that; we're too busy crapping around :P
i'm thankful for that~

even if they did, it's nothing....i prefer to think that they're 'sharing' rather than 'showing off'..

but...back to the topic...

i'm finally settling down with 'new friends' which i like, in a new environment,

but honestly,

there's no replacing those darling friends that've been through thick and thin ok???

shinyi don't think so much since it'll be my turn real soon to be INSANELY jealous of your life in UK, the life of cheap topshop, endless shopping, LV, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Coach, fish 'n' chips, gorgeous breads, cheaper travel to Paris, Barcelona, Spain, Rome, Copenhagen, clubbing...........wooooooo~~~

i hope YOU'll remember me when you get there though~~~~ ^^

be thankful for what you have now, eat all the nasi lemak, lo mee, roti canai, durian puff, teh tarik that you can~ cause you're gonna miss it like hell when you get there~~~~

so, darling, don't be 'emo' (i know you said you're not :P)

i'll never eva forget any of my old friends~cause you guys are what made me who i am today~

let's berice-cream when that japanese gal gets backkkk!!!

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