Jul 10, 2010

A cultured son-in-law~

this video was for my assignment, and at the same time my lecturer wanted us to participate in the inti film-fest movie making competition..

it's a long story, but at the end i did it.

the theme was 'culture',

and it was up to us to interpret it 'whatever way we want'

(mr.kevin's exact words :] ),

so i had this lame idea lo..

its weird why english language has the same names for weird different things?

don't blame me for the lame ending ok???

anyhow, thanks a whole lot to my dear actors who did their best although i know asking them to wake up early on a precious weekend morning is a huge pain,

  1. especially for aeron who had to work late :(

  2. philip koh who wanted to meet his gf but had to give in to my stubborn wishes~

  3. fiona who had to hold her brother's hand like ...lol

  4. also, special thanks to tanshinyi who had the nicest home for me to film this~ (my lecturer actually said her favorite part is the house =..=)

i got 3rd prize..its no big deal since there were not that much entries to begin with~

but its fun nonetheless~~~~~

i know that the lines in this movie sound lame...cause i didn't write a script to begin with...they kept talking spontaneously.. not bad :)


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