Jul 1, 2010


what a spesial day~~~~!!!!

it's my 19th birthday and i skipped today's human comm class in honour of it~

(my phone passed away in the middle of the night, the alarm didn't wake me up )

last night when i almost fell asleep, sandra & co banged down my door and we went celebrate+yamcha till 4am...


thanks girls~~( chiupeiyeeling, tracy, andrew, sandra...etc)

i was rather emo last night, i dunno why i got so every single time my birthday rolls around..

and online-d aimlessly...

but check this out~ !!

hello kitty x doc martens ~~~~~ i think i would get the white one..ngek ngek ^v^
yea~goin home now~~byeeee ~~~~
happy birthday to meeee


  1. why is andrew under the "thanks Girls"category!!! im offended that you of all people will make such errors!!!

  2. ohmygosh why did you read so far back into my blog??????? haha its not a mistake. i did that on purpose *死不认