Jun 15, 2010

You leave me Breathless

Breathless Assignments by Shayne Ward
You leave me breathless
You're everything gross in my life
You leave me breathless
I still can't believe that you're mine
You just walked into all of my classes
So numerous you're killing me

Honestly, i hate assignments ...
i totally regret taking 6 subjects this sem..
but the reason i changed the lyrics cause mostly people would associate 'breathless' with something good, exciting, happy...something romantic is going to happen...or you just saw the most gorgeous bag...

But now I'm terribly breathless....and its not due to all of the above..
I'm just plain stressed out by assignments marching in and think they can take over my life

You kennot!!! I will show you who's boss by facebooking and blogging whateva i want...
go die, you lousy useless assignments!!!

haiz..who am i kidding??

just went and read all my primary school friends' blogs...i had no idea so many ppl blogged...i must be real slow to start blogging so late in life..

hmm...i think i forgot some of my primary fwens..i'm so lame...losing memory so early in life...so sad...

but the others that i remember... :]

long long long long time jor....sometimes i think primary school is not a period of my life that i'm proud of...if can just wanna forget all those gross weird stupid freakish stuff i did...its just plain creepy..the SKELETON in my closet...

came home after my 8pm comm skills class...going bk nilai tomorrow...6:45am bus...

i wanna sleep but the assignments....

those assignments...

you leave me breathless...

there's nothing more cruel then coming home then being denied your favorite bed. :x

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