Jun 7, 2010

TODAY'S HAPPINING(happy+happening):

I got this:

by Marisa de los Santos~
A long time ago,
i read the nicest recommendation by daphne(the book reviewer i love of the star),
and wanted to buy it,
but stupid bankrupt me didn't buy it,
but asked chingting to buy it.
years later i borrowed it from her.
and fell in love with the book.
I reread for so many times.
but still had to return it to her :(
i bought it at a second-hand book sale~
i know it seems weird for me to buy a book that i read before,
especially a book i read for so many times (i think over 7 times loh)
but this book is something i never got bored of.
and i do have this fetish for books :P
here is the list of books i haven't gotten yet:
-Memoirs of a Geisha
-Lord Of The Rings
-The Hobbit (actually, i bought this before but someone who borrowed it lost it @#$%)
I do hope that i can have them for my own in the foreseeable future :)
p.s: is not a love story!!
It's a story about love~
so happy now~ i must finish my assignments and start reading it!!!

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