Jun 30, 2010


had a wonderfulllll weekend~
saturday morning filmed
at tanshinyi's house~

thanks to aeron, fiona and philip koh~
(i shall upload that stewpid video later)

then went to dearest hinhua to meet dearest leesiauli,

how come counselling teachers were so much cuter and friendlier??
feel so happy when kenggai with them..

lee hui xiang single-handedly bust his car tyre...he drove into a marble corner...LOL..


i think i won't go back hhsb so often anymore...

absence makes the heart grow fonder, yes?

after that, went back to e-youth lo~~ my fingers swelled again after playing bass ...sheesh

we bermain main rugby...the sun was so hot...i can feel the melanin coming on..


including volleyball or captainball for that matter..

so when i played without thinking so much ~~ HAHAAHA...

i think i musta had a crazy week, so i subconsciously vented all my pekcek-ness into the game~~ feeling much better :)

sorry to those i might've punched or bit during the game :P

sunday sunday sunday sunday ~~~

met freeeeeks after church at gelateria~had lasagna ice-cream which is one-of-its-kind~
recommended, people ~~

so satisfied ourselves by taking this lo...

i'm starting to notice i only eat ice-cream when i'm with the freeks...why so?
look at this weird girl with the puma hat...

leexiaohui is going to johor dy..so sunday is a bit like farewell :(

then round 2 on sunday ~ mamak with yew yew, leesiauli & xue jun~
xuejun is this year's taiwan thingy committee head~
yeah~~!! hhsb produced two heads(keet leong & xue jun) liao~~ woohoo~~

people who came back from overseas mesti mau makan mamak puas puas de...

this is so weird..wahhahahah~

then we went secret recipe for another round since that fat singaporean girl wanted more...

yew yew belanja-ed cakes in honour of my birthday
thanks yew~
and we stuffed ourselves full :O

third round on sunday~

football watching with Jefee & Fishline yang balik dari sarawak, Miao, Xuewei and mona lee again~~

ngek ngek...

the moral of the story is mosquitoes at sarawak had evoluted , being brown and big and painful bites and the tenacity to stay on even if you shook your hand...

haha..poor guys...

i love my friends so much :)

got home before 12am, being the cinderella that i am....mom was so worried... :(

sorry mom ..

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