Jun 9, 2010

my birthday wish list

haha,monmon asked me what i wanted for my birthdayyy,

so let's see...

(warning : you can only take this seriously hahah)

wish list 2010

1 hello kitty stuff
2 elmo stuff

3 banana stuff

4 stella mccartney for adidas
not sure why,it doesn't look that gorgeous but i'm a sucka for anything that looks durable now =(
most importantly,
look at the detail! i love the star!

5 charles & keith ballet flats !
i can't get pics of it..guess for urself lah T^T

6 a french horn
plus specific friends to play it with me ...sob...

7 a small house by the sea

hahaa, i chose the most affordable one on purpose :)

8 honda CR-V

9 my peach puma hobo to get well soon =(

10 can someone volunteer to complete all my assignments+persentations ?
*(preferably a volleyball playing Prince Charming and its not you jefee)

oh dear...i am going to reach the big 1 9 soon!!!!
19 just seems so old :(
pledge to myself: go backpacking while the world is still beautiful~

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