Jun 12, 2010

i'm disappointed

next wednesday, i'm going to present 'Cognitive Dissonance Theory' as my final presentation.
This theory is about how the reality often contrasts with our own beliefs or principles, causing dissonance (also discomfort lah) in ourselves.

[example in textbook : guy A believes that bf & gf relationships should be all happiness and harmonious. but in reality, guy A and his gf always bergaduh...so...he has 'dissonance' loh..]

but now Ms. Freeman wanted me to apply this theory into my own real-life situation. And she wants REAL DISSONANCE. As in total moral clashes, not minor matters.

I don't think my life is so dissonant loh....i feel quite happy most of the time :)
so i felt very pekcek about not getting my example in time :(

Funnily enough, something EXTREMELY DISSONANT happened today...

(It's actually someone else's story, so i shall respect journalists' ethics and refrain from any names or specific details.)

A family man whom i respected A LOT (as in, extremely much) actually did something disgusting to my friend.( end of my version of the story )

this sucks.

i can't believe it.

what the ???!!!

incredible dissonance !!!!!

There's no way, absolutely no way of rationalizing this sort of behavior.

I hate guys.

my belief in this man and the family stuff he represented in general is totally destroyed.

how could he??

its really really really really disappointing when you grow up.

and everything's different now.

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