Jun 10, 2010


i think i've been too materialistic in this blog lately and its time i..uh...blogged something about myself.
Masa berterbang-terbang, and its approaching my 7th week at inti!
to celebrate this milestone,let's recap what i've been doing here:

Firstly, i think i came to inti in a sort of depressed mood, what with the unjustified rejection from NTU and all, so i think i didn't give it a fair chance. I skipped orientation, and thus didn't know anyone when classes started.
Emo-ed a few weeks, hiding in my room, generally being otaki and blaming the world...
I also went out with my 'old friends' every weekend like it was the end of the world (in a way, it was)
I think i sorta couldn't be bothered...
thinking back, i was rather ashamed of myself.

anyhow,there were highlights here, and it took me till now to feel all at peace with inti~

hehe,let's see...

I discovered the joys of chocolate+hazelnut bread spread on my 19th year,
which is a bit late ><>
I know where are all those stupid facilities
I joined 3 clubs -
mass comm (voluntarily as i'm a 'mass commer')
volleyball ( no time to practice yet T^T)
aaaand CF~!(at first i dun wanna go,but din regret going to their meeting last nite ^^)

erm, i got 6 subjects this sem, and no one told me its gonna be this tough (ask harry)
(actually...someone did mention it but pigheaded me thought its ok,i'm tough)
hahah big joke.

so ...S.T.R.E.S.S lo........
right now, next week is my comm theory final presentation (very early hor??) and assignment, have to present our radio show plus an impressive portfolio, have to make a short movie, have to deco beau bristow concert(^^), among other stuff.....

yeah yeah...rather peaceful right now cause i just finished this week's hecticness before next week's due to begin ('x')

in short, though it took me so long, i can finally say that: 'I'm settled.'


p.s: good day to all~He loves you~~

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