Jun 23, 2010

wearnesday bluessssss

here's my cute week:
monday: kept fishing in class due to accumulated lack of sleep, decided to sleep early at 10pm
tuesday: woke up at 12pm afternoon, assignment discussion at 2pm, had to do ptptn thingy till 4:30pm, classes till 8pm, assignment (DJ search!) till 9pm, volleyball till 10:30pm (i couldn't help it~we need exercise for health)
Met andrew at 11:30, did radio station with sandra till 5:26am. AM!!!!!!!!
wearnesday: woke up at 8:52am. class supposed to start at 8am. classes till 4pm. discussion till 5:30, helped sandra with her video assignment till 8pm (cutest battle of the geeks & jocks), CF meeting till 10pm (PEACE), did my own video assignment recording(release 'air'?) till 12am.

I am so never gonna take 6 subjects eva again.

What the??!!!!
i think i gonna be sick...
when my sista sms-ed me about what present i want for my birthday, i couldn't even summon any sort of enthusiasm. just pretended.

(sms is a good thing as you can hide behind those :)es )
when the actors for my video (gazillion thanks to kylie, chern, calvin & edmund ~) were yawning ... some were yawning their head off and asked me why i didn't yawn.
actually, this question took me by surprise.

I think there's a time, a period in your fatigue , that you lost the urge to yawn. that you just kept on doing your stuff mechanically.
why so?

anyhow, tonight, pastor victor requested us to surrender everything to Jesus and stop being such a perfectionist so that we can have peace in our hearts. have peace with yourself.

I really really really wanna be a perfectionist.

Help me, Jesus :]

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