Jun 7, 2010

one little, two little, three little blisters~

that stupid day when stupid me bought those stupid heels from aldo
i finally woke up
and decided to swear off high heels

(for now..there are adorable little blisters all over my toes)


love is a miraculous thing

i learned to love again

and emerged from my sorrow with renewed strength

I fell in love ~

with ballet flats!!!!

don't you think that they are the grrrrreatest invention ever???

so pretty

so comfy
they bring you everrrrywhere~

here are a few i lurrrve:

when in doubt,get black ones. these are lanvin..supposedly kate moss' favourite~

miu miu !

i am totally getting this for chloe :]

sorry,i know this is out of topic but i couldn't resist the cute star charms =)

it reminds me of naimo~

ooh la la~~

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