Jun 2, 2010


researching for organ donation stuff(my next topic) and playing sad music...
its really depressing..
so many of these organ donation stories are really touching..

'FUN FACTS': most religions except shinto encourage organ donation.
*so for all those people who think they might be unable to enter 'nirvana' with separate body parts,there's nothing to worry about..it's actually an act of 'highest' compassion :)

'FUN FACTS':your body won't look gross after the donation.
*the transplant team treats the body of the donor with the highest respect,so an open coffin funeral is possible...so.... chill~~

'FUN FACTS':doctors will still try their BEST to save you even if they know you're a donor.
*the transplant team and the medical staff are totally different. they will only contact the transplant team after
1.it has been determined that you're brain dead
2.got the consent of your family(so please discuss with your family beforehand)

no one knows what will happen tomorrow. what if its your turn to desperately need a donation?

sign up now~

Disclaimer: this is part of the Association of Organ Donation campaign.This blog owner takes no responsibility.

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