Jun 11, 2010


mommy admitted to sunway medical centre yesterday, her stomach got problem
(some sort of blockage or tangle due to an old surgery) she woke up vomiting and a stomach ache like @#$% .....
ganjeongnya, after i rushed back to subang to see her, i felt like crying T^T
my mom NEVER gets into hospitals...

and it sort of made me sad to see her like that...and i think i have this weird tendency to cry whenever i hugged my mom T^T T^T

anyhow, her left lower arm was all swollen due to the nurse mistakenly injecting something...

my bro actually says it looks 'cute',
macam doraemon ==

nvm,it actually made me laugh =)

health is really important, people ...

today we visited her again, and she's all better now, luckily there's no need for operation

going to be discharged later~~!!yeah yeah~

the doc sez this situation might happen again, like with Marley as in Marley & me :( but we're praying hard that it won't!!
God, please please bless my mom ,amen.

p.s: sunway medical centre is really cool, there're all sorts of fun stuff ~ such as dental centre, diet centre, starbucks, and the nurses are actually great, with the exception of that one who made my mom's arm swell ==
highly recommended, people~

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