Jun 30, 2010


had a wonderfulllll weekend~
saturday morning filmed
at tanshinyi's house~

thanks to aeron, fiona and philip koh~
(i shall upload that stewpid video later)

then went to dearest hinhua to meet dearest leesiauli,

how come counselling teachers were so much cuter and friendlier??
feel so happy when kenggai with them..

lee hui xiang single-handedly bust his car tyre...he drove into a marble corner...LOL..


i think i won't go back hhsb so often anymore...

absence makes the heart grow fonder, yes?

after that, went back to e-youth lo~~ my fingers swelled again after playing bass ...sheesh

we bermain main rugby...the sun was so hot...i can feel the melanin coming on..


including volleyball or captainball for that matter..

so when i played without thinking so much ~~ HAHAAHA...

i think i musta had a crazy week, so i subconsciously vented all my pekcek-ness into the game~~ feeling much better :)

sorry to those i might've punched or bit during the game :P

sunday sunday sunday sunday ~~~

met freeeeeks after church at gelateria~had lasagna ice-cream which is one-of-its-kind~
recommended, people ~~

so satisfied ourselves by taking this lo...

i'm starting to notice i only eat ice-cream when i'm with the freeks...why so?
look at this weird girl with the puma hat...

leexiaohui is going to johor dy..so sunday is a bit like farewell :(

then round 2 on sunday ~ mamak with yew yew, leesiauli & xue jun~
xuejun is this year's taiwan thingy committee head~
yeah~~!! hhsb produced two heads(keet leong & xue jun) liao~~ woohoo~~

people who came back from overseas mesti mau makan mamak puas puas de...

this is so weird..wahhahahah~

then we went secret recipe for another round since that fat singaporean girl wanted more...

yew yew belanja-ed cakes in honour of my birthday
thanks yew~
and we stuffed ourselves full :O

third round on sunday~

football watching with Jefee & Fishline yang balik dari sarawak, Miao, Xuewei and mona lee again~~

ngek ngek...

the moral of the story is mosquitoes at sarawak had evoluted , being brown and big and painful bites and the tenacity to stay on even if you shook your hand...

haha..poor guys...

i love my friends so much :)

got home before 12am, being the cinderella that i am....mom was so worried... :(

sorry mom ..

Jun 23, 2010

wearnesday bluessssss

here's my cute week:
monday: kept fishing in class due to accumulated lack of sleep, decided to sleep early at 10pm
tuesday: woke up at 12pm afternoon, assignment discussion at 2pm, had to do ptptn thingy till 4:30pm, classes till 8pm, assignment (DJ search!) till 9pm, volleyball till 10:30pm (i couldn't help it~we need exercise for health)
Met andrew at 11:30, did radio station with sandra till 5:26am. AM!!!!!!!!
wearnesday: woke up at 8:52am. class supposed to start at 8am. classes till 4pm. discussion till 5:30, helped sandra with her video assignment till 8pm (cutest battle of the geeks & jocks), CF meeting till 10pm (PEACE), did my own video assignment recording(release 'air'?) till 12am.

I am so never gonna take 6 subjects eva again.

What the??!!!!
i think i gonna be sick...
when my sista sms-ed me about what present i want for my birthday, i couldn't even summon any sort of enthusiasm. just pretended.

(sms is a good thing as you can hide behind those :)es )
when the actors for my video (gazillion thanks to kylie, chern, calvin & edmund ~) were yawning ... some were yawning their head off and asked me why i didn't yawn.
actually, this question took me by surprise.

I think there's a time, a period in your fatigue , that you lost the urge to yawn. that you just kept on doing your stuff mechanically.
why so?

anyhow, tonight, pastor victor requested us to surrender everything to Jesus and stop being such a perfectionist so that we can have peace in our hearts. have peace with yourself.

I really really really wanna be a perfectionist.

Help me, Jesus :]

Jun 22, 2010

time to blog in chinese hehehh




有照片是就comment 'bo jio!'。。。



Jun 15, 2010

You leave me Breathless

Breathless Assignments by Shayne Ward
You leave me breathless
You're everything gross in my life
You leave me breathless
I still can't believe that you're mine
You just walked into all of my classes
So numerous you're killing me

Honestly, i hate assignments ...
i totally regret taking 6 subjects this sem..
but the reason i changed the lyrics cause mostly people would associate 'breathless' with something good, exciting, happy...something romantic is going to happen...or you just saw the most gorgeous bag...

But now I'm terribly breathless....and its not due to all of the above..
I'm just plain stressed out by assignments marching in and think they can take over my life

You kennot!!! I will show you who's boss by facebooking and blogging whateva i want...
go die, you lousy useless assignments!!!

haiz..who am i kidding??

just went and read all my primary school friends' blogs...i had no idea so many ppl blogged...i must be real slow to start blogging so late in life..

hmm...i think i forgot some of my primary fwens..i'm so lame...losing memory so early in life...so sad...

but the others that i remember... :]

long long long long time jor....sometimes i think primary school is not a period of my life that i'm proud of...if can just wanna forget all those gross weird stupid freakish stuff i did...its just plain creepy..the SKELETON in my closet...

came home after my 8pm comm skills class...going bk nilai tomorrow...6:45am bus...

i wanna sleep but the assignments....

those assignments...

you leave me breathless...

there's nothing more cruel then coming home then being denied your favorite bed. :x


it's officially 9 pending assignments!!!!!
oh seeeet....
i think i'm going to faint...today after kaotim-ing my ptptn stuff with lots and lots of problems,
i rushed into the classroom (late by 20 minutes > < )
and all of them started sort of clapping their hands and shouting 'yeh,here's joyce'..
i mean, what the ?
then Sandra had the tact to explain to me that i'm in the debate team for inti..
come on...you gotta be joking...
i was so breathless and ganjeong that i sorta lost my mind and started telling Mr. Kevin to scratch my name off....
thinking back i seemed so rude and stupid..
anyhow...i keep telling him don't think about it and i'm all stressed out with assignments and whatnot....bla bla bla...
he sez cannot be shy..
i sez i'm not shy, i'm just tired and wayy too busy...
he sez will have credit marks...
i sez assignments manyak manyak...

whatever....after a pause...

he looked at us...(sandra and neville were in the team too)

and finally said :
'you guys as future PR, advertising creatives and journalists...should be able to cope with last minute stuff.'

ding dong...

that sounds familiar?

i'm once again reminded of what i'm ...

never mind...i'll give it a shot and be humiliated...

its just intercampus inti debate anyway...not that Taylors people will be there to call us 'noob'..

Jun 12, 2010

i'm disappointed

next wednesday, i'm going to present 'Cognitive Dissonance Theory' as my final presentation.
This theory is about how the reality often contrasts with our own beliefs or principles, causing dissonance (also discomfort lah) in ourselves.

[example in textbook : guy A believes that bf & gf relationships should be all happiness and harmonious. but in reality, guy A and his gf always bergaduh...so...he has 'dissonance' loh..]

but now Ms. Freeman wanted me to apply this theory into my own real-life situation. And she wants REAL DISSONANCE. As in total moral clashes, not minor matters.

I don't think my life is so dissonant loh....i feel quite happy most of the time :)
so i felt very pekcek about not getting my example in time :(

Funnily enough, something EXTREMELY DISSONANT happened today...

(It's actually someone else's story, so i shall respect journalists' ethics and refrain from any names or specific details.)

A family man whom i respected A LOT (as in, extremely much) actually did something disgusting to my friend.( end of my version of the story )

this sucks.

i can't believe it.

what the ???!!!

incredible dissonance !!!!!

There's no way, absolutely no way of rationalizing this sort of behavior.

I hate guys.

my belief in this man and the family stuff he represented in general is totally destroyed.

how could he??

its really really really really disappointing when you grow up.

and everything's different now.

Jun 11, 2010


mommy admitted to sunway medical centre yesterday, her stomach got problem
(some sort of blockage or tangle due to an old surgery) she woke up vomiting and a stomach ache like @#$% .....
ganjeongnya, after i rushed back to subang to see her, i felt like crying T^T
my mom NEVER gets into hospitals...

and it sort of made me sad to see her like that...and i think i have this weird tendency to cry whenever i hugged my mom T^T T^T

anyhow, her left lower arm was all swollen due to the nurse mistakenly injecting something...

my bro actually says it looks 'cute',
macam doraemon ==

nvm,it actually made me laugh =)

health is really important, people ...

today we visited her again, and she's all better now, luckily there's no need for operation

going to be discharged later~~!!yeah yeah~

the doc sez this situation might happen again, like with Marley as in Marley & me :( but we're praying hard that it won't!!
God, please please bless my mom ,amen.

p.s: sunway medical centre is really cool, there're all sorts of fun stuff ~ such as dental centre, diet centre, starbucks, and the nurses are actually great, with the exception of that one who made my mom's arm swell ==
highly recommended, people~

Jun 10, 2010


i think i've been too materialistic in this blog lately and its time i..uh...blogged something about myself.
Masa berterbang-terbang, and its approaching my 7th week at inti!
to celebrate this milestone,let's recap what i've been doing here:

Firstly, i think i came to inti in a sort of depressed mood, what with the unjustified rejection from NTU and all, so i think i didn't give it a fair chance. I skipped orientation, and thus didn't know anyone when classes started.
Emo-ed a few weeks, hiding in my room, generally being otaki and blaming the world...
I also went out with my 'old friends' every weekend like it was the end of the world (in a way, it was)
I think i sorta couldn't be bothered...
thinking back, i was rather ashamed of myself.

anyhow,there were highlights here, and it took me till now to feel all at peace with inti~

hehe,let's see...

I discovered the joys of chocolate+hazelnut bread spread on my 19th year,
which is a bit late ><>
I know where are all those stupid facilities
I joined 3 clubs -
mass comm (voluntarily as i'm a 'mass commer')
volleyball ( no time to practice yet T^T)
aaaand CF~!(at first i dun wanna go,but din regret going to their meeting last nite ^^)

erm, i got 6 subjects this sem, and no one told me its gonna be this tough (ask harry)
(actually...someone did mention it but pigheaded me thought its ok,i'm tough)
hahah big joke.

so ...S.T.R.E.S.S lo........
right now, next week is my comm theory final presentation (very early hor??) and assignment, have to present our radio show plus an impressive portfolio, have to make a short movie, have to deco beau bristow concert(^^), among other stuff.....

yeah yeah...rather peaceful right now cause i just finished this week's hecticness before next week's due to begin ('x')

in short, though it took me so long, i can finally say that: 'I'm settled.'


p.s: good day to all~He loves you~~

Jun 9, 2010

my birthday wish list

haha,monmon asked me what i wanted for my birthdayyy,

so let's see...

(warning : you can only take this seriously hahah)

wish list 2010

1 hello kitty stuff
2 elmo stuff

3 banana stuff

4 stella mccartney for adidas
not sure why,it doesn't look that gorgeous but i'm a sucka for anything that looks durable now =(
most importantly,
look at the detail! i love the star!

5 charles & keith ballet flats !
i can't get pics of it..guess for urself lah T^T

6 a french horn
plus specific friends to play it with me ...sob...

7 a small house by the sea

hahaa, i chose the most affordable one on purpose :)

8 honda CR-V

9 my peach puma hobo to get well soon =(

10 can someone volunteer to complete all my assignments+persentations ?
*(preferably a volleyball playing Prince Charming and its not you jefee)

oh dear...i am going to reach the big 1 9 soon!!!!
19 just seems so old :(
pledge to myself: go backpacking while the world is still beautiful~

cutest fb status of da dayyyy

'you breath oxygen? haha we have so much in common'~edmund ng yen tung

this status is sooo like him


Jun 8, 2010

cool fb status alert!

Charissa Chan sez:

‘ 女人,漂亮的不会下厨,会下厨的不温柔,够温柔的没主见,有主见的没女人味,

*me double likey*

Jun 7, 2010

one little, two little, three little blisters~

that stupid day when stupid me bought those stupid heels from aldo
i finally woke up
and decided to swear off high heels

(for now..there are adorable little blisters all over my toes)


love is a miraculous thing

i learned to love again

and emerged from my sorrow with renewed strength

I fell in love ~

with ballet flats!!!!

don't you think that they are the grrrrreatest invention ever???

so pretty

so comfy
they bring you everrrrywhere~

here are a few i lurrrve:

when in doubt,get black ones. these are lanvin..supposedly kate moss' favourite~

miu miu !

i am totally getting this for chloe :]

sorry,i know this is out of topic but i couldn't resist the cute star charms =)

it reminds me of naimo~

ooh la la~~

TODAY'S HAPPINING(happy+happening):

I got this:

by Marisa de los Santos~
A long time ago,
i read the nicest recommendation by daphne(the book reviewer i love of the star),
and wanted to buy it,
but stupid bankrupt me didn't buy it,
but asked chingting to buy it.
years later i borrowed it from her.
and fell in love with the book.
I reread for so many times.
but still had to return it to her :(
i bought it at a second-hand book sale~
i know it seems weird for me to buy a book that i read before,
especially a book i read for so many times (i think over 7 times loh)
but this book is something i never got bored of.
and i do have this fetish for books :P
here is the list of books i haven't gotten yet:
-Memoirs of a Geisha
-Lord Of The Rings
-The Hobbit (actually, i bought this before but someone who borrowed it lost it @#$%)
I do hope that i can have them for my own in the foreseeable future :)
p.s: is not a love story!!
It's a story about love~
so happy now~ i must finish my assignments and start reading it!!!

Jun 2, 2010



i'm harry


researching for organ donation stuff(my next topic) and playing sad music...
its really depressing..
so many of these organ donation stories are really touching..

'FUN FACTS': most religions except shinto encourage organ donation.
*so for all those people who think they might be unable to enter 'nirvana' with separate body parts,there's nothing to worry about..it's actually an act of 'highest' compassion :)

'FUN FACTS':your body won't look gross after the donation.
*the transplant team treats the body of the donor with the highest respect,so an open coffin funeral is possible...so.... chill~~

'FUN FACTS':doctors will still try their BEST to save you even if they know you're a donor.
*the transplant team and the medical staff are totally different. they will only contact the transplant team after
1.it has been determined that you're brain dead
2.got the consent of your family(so please discuss with your family beforehand)

no one knows what will happen tomorrow. what if its your turn to desperately need a donation?

sign up now~

Disclaimer: this is part of the Association of Organ Donation campaign.This blog owner takes no responsibility.