May 31, 2010

old town takeover


i think there's a secret plot by old town to take over malaysia!!

Don't you think it's weird the way old town shows up everywhere?
every niche..every town..every corner...

this is scary...

old town is more strategically located than our balai polis-es..

*last night i didn't have dinner ...

so..very hungry..

but my darling roomie jioh me for dinner with her bf and friend~

guess where we went?

old town...
there's an old town here!!!

this is creepy...



Edmund says
'a true friend is to remember without communication
to love without limitation
to give without expectation'

then i'm not a true friend sometimes T^T
since sometimes i had my own expectations after giving~
anyway,hope to see all my long lost friends soon~
thanks ed :]

May 26, 2010

Coolest Facebook Status of the Day:

‘ 如果你20岁以后所花的每一分钱
驴子穿上金鞍也不会变成骏马. '


*translation for all my beloved banana friends: basically, it means that
' if every cent u spend after you're 20 years old belongs to dad or mom,
it'll only show how tasteless you are on the inside even if you wear branded stuff on the outside.
"donkeys won't turn into stallions after donning golden saddles." '

happy b'day to raven~

25th MAY is someone's birthdayyy~~

Since birthdays are so very 
rare and precious
[they only come once a year!]
I do hope 
my darling friend of  6.5 years 
will have a totally rockin' birthday~

Raven Lee,

Here's to you~~~

This blog's my b'day present or her,
since she's foreva hounding me 
to give up that msn space's lame excuse for a blog..

Blogspot Fan,see this ~~??